We  take care of all your Small Business Social Media needs.

What We Offer

Facebook Management

We'll schedule your posts, and engage your audience. We'll make sure that you are current and reaching out to as many people in your demographic as possible.


Wonder how many people are finding your site? Want to know how many people saw your posts on a week to week or monthly basis? We'll outline everything for you with clear and honest results.

Instagram Management

Have a visually stimulating product? Want to show people what's going on inside the walls of your business? We'll make sure that that happens, and that your brand is being displayed on every smart phone in the area!

Twitter Management

We'll make sure you have an active twitter feed, and that you're talking to those in your area. We'll start a conversation about your business, and offer incentives for those in your area to come visit you.

Review Management

Best way to promote your business? Have other people say how much they love you! We'll make sure that promoters are promoting your brand, and making it easier for other people to choose you!

Ad Campaigns

Each week includes a budget towards paid ads, helping even further promoting  your brand through specific targeting. We're all about reaching every person, every way!

Website Design

For an extra fee, we'll build a wordpress site for your business and update it accordingly. Price varies based off size of your site, so feel free to inquire about what it'll cost you to have your own business page!
Our Rates
We keep it simple. Real simple.
7 days

Weekly Contract

 Using our service on a week to week basis costs only $200 per week. That's hiring a part time employee at $10 an hour for 20 hours a week, except instead you get us awesome pros.
$200 per week
365 days

Annual Contract

 Using our service on a year to year, one time payment of $8,000 will not only keep your social media and content consistent for a year, but it'll also save you 23% in the long run. We'll get to know each other real well, and we'll make sure that your brand keeps becoming more and more visible socially!
$8,000 per year
30 days

Monthly Contract

 Using our service on a month to both basis of $720 per month would not only show us your dedication to us and vice versa, but it'll save you 10% which is also great for your bottom line!
$720 per month
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